Cord Rope Production

cord rope production

cord rope production

As Yenel Label, we stand out with our fast production capacity by offering our customers cords in the desired size, color and thickness from polyester and cotton raw materials. We have made customer satisfaction our focus while responding to the increasing customization demands of businesses. Our cords, produced from different materials such as polyester and cotton, allow special designs to be realized.


Cord Rope Production and Material Diversity

The diversity in our product range offers our customers a wide choice of materials. Our cords, produced from polypropylene, polyester and cotton raw materials, allow our customers to make special designs according to their demands. Our professional staff and production capacity allow demands to be met quickly. Thus, it allows businesses to continue without disrupting their processes.

Our plastic handle or cut cord models are designed to suit the specific needs of our customers’ businesses. These products, which can be used in many different applications such as sweatshirts and tracksuits, also stand out with their functionality.


Cord Rope Types and Models

Quality forms the basis of our production process. Using high quality materials and meticulous production methods, we offer our customers durable and reliable cords. Thus, we add value to brands by creating quality products that can be used for a long time, especially in the textile industry.

You can contact our team for rope designs suitable for your brand colors and style, and have cargo access to any point in the world without any quantity limit. Our product range is rich with spiral and cotton cord rope types. This diversity makes it possible to create special designs that reflect your brand identity.

Cord Rope Customization Options

Our customization options ensure businesses get exactly the product they want. The ropes that can be fully customized in factors such as size, color and thickness maximize customer satisfaction. The versatility of our products enables them to be used in many sectors such as textiles, packaging and promotions. By offering quality economically, we create solutions that fit our customers’ budgets.

You can contact our professional team for your twisted and cotton cord rope needs. This special product strengthens brand perception and makes a significant contribution to your marketing strategies. By choosing quality and durable products, you can help promote your brand in a long-lasting way.

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our production processes. We are aim to minimize environmental impacts by giving importance to environmentally friendly practices and materials.

Yenel Label’s professional team is just a phone call away for your twisted and cotton cord rope needs. Tell us your needs and meet our special solutions. We are ready to help you with quality, aesthetic and durable cord and rope solutions for your brand. Take the right step to strengthen the image of your prominent brand and create a lasting impact.