Design Kraft Label!

Design Kraft Label, Kraft label is a type of label that brands have been in demand recently.

Kraft label is a type of label that brands have been in demand recently. This label has a capillary appearance as distinct from carton label. Considered as a material, it is made of carton and has attracted attention with its non-stick feature. Today, it is an important point in marketing activities. Regardless of small or large, the kraft labels that you will prefer for your business are both recyclable and very useful. Let’s take a closer look at this type of tag…

With Kraft labels, you can present a lot of information about your product or service. You can bring naturalness to the forefront by choosing products with your brand’s logo printed on it. Are you a children’s clothing brand? Or are you in an industry where sustainability is important? Then you should definitely examine and evaluate this type of label.

Kraft Label With String

How you position the labels on the product is entirely your professional opinion. But you should know that you can evaluate a tag type in many different ways than it is. You can attach the string kraft label to your product with a pin and make it look more corporate. If you wish, you can use this product as a size label or note the care instructions on it. When Kraft label is preffered with string, it should be positioned so as not to damage the product.

Personalized Kraft Label

Are your brand’s products personalized? Do you offer concept products? Maybe it is a birthday party supplies company. In this case, you may need personalized kraft labels. As Yenel Label, we produce many different types of labels. We deliver your orders to you with our expert design team and the best printing machines. Labels are of great importance to create a strong brand image that does not compromise on quality. You can design your products and order easily with Yenel Etiket.

Kraft Label With Name 

The kraft label with the name makes the person feel valuable. If your brand’s vision is personal products or if you are planning to send gifts to your customers to promote a different service, a kraft label with name will be great choice. Its natural appearance and the fact that it can be recycled to nature are very valuable in this sense.

The product variety for carton labels is quite large. Products such as kraft labels and with string and for customer needs are also among the cardboard label models produced by Yenel Etiket. Labels that convey customized information about products to audiences have a significant impact on purchase rates.

If you are looking for professional support about kraft label models and kraft label printing, you can contact us. What are we doing? You can browse our products through our category and order easily. If you have any questions, you can contact Yenel Etiket at any time.