Folded Product Labels: Hanging Labels

hanging labels

Yenel Label is one of the pioneers of the industry in folded product labels. Folded hanging labels are an option that can be printed on over 40 unique paper types and make products stand out in the industry. You can personalize your folded hanging product labels by choosing special sizes.

Printing folded swing labels provides the best solution for your product information at your point of sale. Yenel Label offers solutions suitable for every demand, where you can express the washing instructions in new clothing series or share the material information of the bag you produce.

Yenel Label allows its customers to choose special sizes. This way, you can determine the ideal dimensions for each type of product and personalize your folded hang tags exactly the way you want.

You can provide customers with important information, from clothing size information to washing instructions or expiration information of products, with flexible folding labels. Yenel Label’s expert team will help you brand your products effectively by designing this information professionally.

Professional Support for Hang Tags

Yenel Label offers professional solutions to its customers with its expert team on folded hang labels. Our team which follows the latest developments in the industry and creates designs that meet customer demands will help you to highlight your products and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Yenel Label maintains its leading position in the industry with its groundbreaking features, personalization options and professional solutions for folded product labels. Yenel Label which continuously develops innovative approaches to provide the best service to its customers is an ideal solution partner to highlight your products and inform your customers.

Advanced Label Design Solutions

Yenel Label takes traditional label designs one step further. We offer special designs to highlight your products and create a remarkable brand. Our experienced team follows the latest trends in the industry and produces solutions that will make your products special. Our team which is an expert in folded swing product labels, prioritizes quality at every stage. It determines the most suitable folding techniques for your products and designs aesthetically attractive labels.

Custom Folded Hang Tags

Yenel Label has made it easy to design your custom folding hang tags. If you have a print-ready design, you can contact us for printing. However if you need expert support to make your folded product label printing vision a reality, Yenel Label will be your guidance. Whether you have a ready-made design or get support from our expert design team, ensuring your satisfaction in both cases is important for Yenel Label.

If you need professional solutions for quality folding product labels, Yenel Label will be the right address for you!