Leather Label Printing and Ordering

leather label printing ordering

Recently, leather label printing models have become very popular.
This product which is indispensable for fashion trends and colors the clothes and accessories has different varieties. There are product models depending on the raw material such as artificial leather, genuine leather and jacron leather labels. So why do brands or manufacturers prefer leather label printing products?

Firstly, leather is different than others because it is a product that does not deteriorate and is not adversely affected by washing. Apart from that, it can be combined with metal accessories to make strong the design. For this reason, those are frequently preferred in jeans, bags and outerwear products. Since it is a product that is not easily deformed and has high durability, brands apply leather labels to their products in order to increase their awareness activities.

The target audience that may buy your product actually undertakes the marketing activities of your brand by using it in their daily life. There fore it is very important to use quality materials and make a difference with design while printing leather labels.

Leather Label Print Order

If you would like to give a leather label order for your own brand, you should work with a professional company. This is very important for your brand. As Yenel Label, we are so happy to be active in the label – printing sector for many years and to assist you. We have been producing our leather labels by using hot and cold printing methods. At the same time, we also apply silk screen printing technique on leather. Based on your requests, we provide leather label production with metal accessories too.

In leather label orders, we produce personalized options by keeping the brand and logo in the foreground. We make the products suitable for designs by various techniques such as gilding, laser, burning and frequency. The impression of labels on marketing activities is an indisputable fact.
For this reason, we can always provide you with the most accurate guidance with our professional team.

As one of Turkey’s leading and experienced Textile Accessory manufacturers, we offer you our leather label printing models. Moreover, wherever you are in the world we deliver your orders by cargo. You can contact Yenel Label to emphasize your products and quality in leather by your design.
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