Plastic Label Thread: Brands Customized Promotion Means

Plastic label string


Plastic label string are one of the effective means used to promote the products of brands and strengthen the brand identity in many different sectors today. These strings, which have various names such as clip tag string, plastic tag string or locked tag string, not only provide an aesthetic appearance by being attached to the products, but also emphasize the professionalism and originality of the brand. Yenel Label produces special plastic label threads for the needs of brands.

Plastic label strings are an aesthetic and practical promotional means that is usually attached to materials. It is ideal to introducing products on a regular basis and attracting the attention of potential customers. They are easily attached and detachable, making store arrangements flexible. It is produced from light and durable materials. Owing to their color and size options, they provide solutions suitable for all kinds of brand needs.

Label String with Clips

They are aesthetic and functional accessories that brands carry their products with. When designed correctly, they contribute positively to brand identity. It complies with sustainability targets by being produced from environmentally friendly materials. The choice of material affects the durability of the product. Yenel Label offers customized solutions to meet the needs of brands regarding plastic label threads. It stands out by producing clip-on label strings that match each customer’s brand identity.

Locked Label String

Plastic label string, Yenel Label has been creating excellent designs for its customers in this sector for many years. It makes recommendations for the best use and provides production without a quantity limit. You can check out the Plastic Accessories category at for plastic clips, locked label strings and logo printed label models. For more detailed information, you can visit the contact page.