Printed Label Models: The Most Effective Way to Promote Your Products

printed label models


Printed label models are among the most preferred label types. Today, many businesses invest in advertising and promotional activities to sell their products. However, there is a simple and effective method you can use to properly promote your products to your target audience: printed labels. Printed labels may increase your sales by adding originality to your products, increasing your brand awareness and attracting potential customers. In our blog content, we will cover the details you need to know about printed label models…

Printed labels take a role of promoting your brand by completing the task of conveying the details of a product. With a design and quality material selection that will highlight your products, printed labels allow your customers to examine the product more easily. Printed label models are produced with 5 colors on the front and 2 colors on the back by using UV, Flexo and Silk Screen Printing techniques on cotton, polyester, nylon, tyvek and satin materials.

Stand Out With Print Label Models!

While choosing printed labels, many factors need to be considered, such as label size, design, label material and suitable printer. You can create unique designs for your products and increase your brand awareness. Print label prices change depending on the size of the product, the material to be used (cotton, polyester, nylon, tyvek, satin, etc.).

Label Size

The label size should be chosen in accordance with the size of your product. Label size should fully cover your product, but should not prevent the view of your product.

Label Design

Label design should be created to best way which will reflect your brand or product. The design can include many elements such as logo, colors and other graphics.

Label Material

Label material should be selected in accordance with the characteristics of your product. Different materials such as matte, glossy, transparent or foil provide a different look for your product.

What Can You Do With Printed Labels?

Introduction of Products

Print labels are a great way to highlight the features and differences of your products. Especially for new products, it helps customers to figure out your product and encourage them to buy.

Formation Brand Awareness

Printed labels, along with your brand’s colors, logo and other graphics, increase your brand awareness by giving your products originality.

Sharing Contact Information

Printed labels are a good option for sharing your contact information. Information such as the name, address, phone number and website of your company can be presented in a way that your customers can easily reach with the print labels attached to your products.

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