We offer special solutions to our customers for cord rope types. With our fast production capacity, we prepare cords of desired size, color, and thickness from polypropylene, polyester, and cotton raw materials. We produce straps with plastic handles (with clips) or cut (without clips) according to your needs. You can use these products on sweatpants, tracksuits or trousers.

If you have strap and cotton rope needs, you can contact our team. This product is of great importance to the point of increasing brand perception and continuous marketing. Because every single person who uses your products actually promotes your brand. For this reason, when choosing coiled cord rope, you should turn to quality products that will not cause deterioration due to washing processes. If you are doing research for cord rope manufacturers, as Yenel Label, we can provide you with professional support.



You can examine our corded rope models in the photos above. You can contact our team to design cord rope according to your brand colors and style. As Yenel Label, we provide cargo access to every part of the world without any quantity limit. We are always with you to present your products to your target audience in the best way possible.