Leather Labels

Leather labels are created by applying different printing techniques on leather material. Leather labels, which are often used as brand labels on jeans and bags, have recently been used as an accessory on clothing. We produce our leather labels with hot and cold printing techniques artificial, jacron, real and organic leather materials. In addition, we also apply silk screen printing technique on leather. On request from our customers, we have also started to produce leather labels with metal accessories.Leather label models are used to prevent deformation, to prevent deterioration caused by washing, and to maximize durability. They come to the fore in products such as denim pants and outdoor clothing. They have the important task to increase brand awareness. They can be produced as real or artificial leather. As Yenel Label, we provide the most accurate guidance with our professional team in both design and production stages.

Personalized leather label

We make products suitable for designs with various techniques such as gilding, laser, burning and the frequency method. By using a personalized leather label, you can support your brand name and logo to come to the fore and use them for a long time. Leather labels may also contain information on the use of the product and washing instructions.

By working with experts in the field, you can increase your sales with label solutions that will stand out and increase your brand value. Since 1990 we offer experience and quality to our customers. As one of Turkey’s leading and experienced Textile Accessory manufacturer companies, we provide solution for leather labels and all other products. We do not have any limits on quantity. We send any number of labels you want to every part of the world. You may use our contact page to get information about leather label prices, handmade leather labels, and faux leather labels, and to place an order for leather labels.