Leather Labels

Leather label is an indispensable part of creating brand identity in the clothing and accessories industry. Different printing options which applied to leather material are an excellent way to personalize your products and highlight your brand. By learning more about leather labels, you can discover suitable options for your brand.

What is Leather Label?

Leather labels are products obtained by printing techniques applied on leather materials. They are often used as brand labels on jeans, bags and other clothing items. In recent years, leather labels have been frequently preferred as accessories in clothing. These labels are produced using different leather options (artificial leather, jacrone, real leather, organic leather) and printing techniques (hot printing, cold printing, silk screen printing). Additionally, leather labels with metal accessories can also be produced according to customer demands.

The Importance of Leather Labels

In addition to preventing deformation on your products, leather labels help prevent damage due to washing and increase the durability of the products. This is especially important for products such as jeans and outerwear. It also has a critical role in increasing awareness of your brand. The leather label can be produced from genuine or artificial leather, and from the design stage to the production process, our expert team provides the best guidance.

Personalized Leather Labels

As Yenel Label, we produce personalized leather labels with various techniques. We make products suitable for your designs using methods such as foil, laser, hot stamp and frequency. These custom labels not only highlight your brand’s name and logo, but also support long-lasting use. They may contain important information such as product usage and washing instructions.

Yenel Label offers label solutions to increase the value of your brand by working with an experienced and expert team. We have been offering a combination of experience and quality to our customers since our establishment. As one of Turkey’s leading textile accessory manufacturers, we provide solutions for all products and we do not have any quantity limits. You can order personalized leather labels in any quantity you want.

You can visit our Contact page to get more information about leather label prices and to place an order. We offer special pricing options to suit your customer demands and needs.