Metal Accessories

Metal Accessory

Our company produces buckles, rivets, belts, eyelets, snaps, buttons, zippers and, metal plates to keep the product variety at the highest level. We also make custom productions in the desired shapes and sizes upon requests from our customers. In addition, we can meet the needs of consumers with our rich coating varieties.

Metal button

Metal accessories have an extensive product range. Varieties such as metal badges, metal denim buttons, zippers, and eyelets are used to give clothes a modern touch. They also give clothes an additional functionality. The quality of products such as metal rivets or snap fasteners on your products is important. This is because clothes should not be damaged when washed. Therefore, you should avoid using poor quality products that will cause rust. This also proportionally affects your brand image. The metal accessory you use on your clothes should be of same quality with the cotton you use for them.

Metal badge

As Yenel Label, we specially produce eyelets, rings, metal badges, metal buttons and all other products according to your other needs. Together with our design team, we design your metal accessories and produce them in the most appropriate way for your brand. See our product samples above and contact our team for any questions you might have. We provide shipping to every part of the world without any limit of quantity. As Yenel Label, we continue our work and offer you the best so that everyone can reach the desired quality.