Metal Zipper

Zippers, which have become an indispensable part of clothing today, are produced in many types and materials. Metal zippers are one of them and are especially preferred for their durability.

Metal zippers are used in a wide variety of product groups such as bags and clothing. Threaded parts are produced using different types of metal. As Yenel Label, we provide zipper production according to your needs. You can contact our team for brass metal zipper, oxide zipper and all other types. You need to use quality products to make your products high quality and to create long-lasting usage opportunities. Zippers that get damaged or change color in a short time will be decreased customer satisfaction. For this reason, you need to turn to the right products with fair price options.

What is Metal Zipper ?

Metal zippers are a system used in clothing and have many parts. It has two parts: the first part is the upper part of the handle and the other part is the lower part of the lock. This lock piece is attached to the other part, allowing the zipper to open and close.

Features of Metal Zippers

The biggest feature of metal zippers is their durability. In addition, the traction parts and teeth are thicker than other zippers. For this reason, metal zippers are long-lived and are oftenly preferred.

What Is Brass Metal Zipper ?

Brass ones are such a zippers which have traction parts and teeth made of brass. Brass is especially preferred by those who want a shiny look. It is also durable and environmentally friendly.

Features of brass metal zippers are:

  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It has a glossy appearance
  • It has remarkable features with its design.

What Is Oxide Metal Zippers?

Oxide metal zippers are used especially in high quality business. It is lighter and more durable than other zippers. It is also preferred with its stainless feature. Oxide metal zippers are more costly than other products. It is one of the metal zipper models preferred by brands that do not want to budge from quality.


Metal zippers are used not only in the clothing industry, but also in bags, shoes, home textiles, the automobile industry and many more. It is used more often in heavy clothing such as work clothes, boots and jackets.

Today, the fashion industry and the clothing industry are focused on sustainability. For this reason, environmentally friendly materials and production techniques are preferred in the production of metal zippers. In addition, recyclable metal zippers are also produced.