Plastic Accessories

Our plastic accessories category includes a wide variety of product groups such as clips, plastic label string, and logo printed label string. These products, which you will use for your brand’s promotional activities, play a major role in creating awareness. A clip label is a type of label that is used in many different fields, especially in textile accessories, and adds aesthetics to the product as well as a product advertisement. plastic label rope is a material that enables the display of brand labels on the product and supports the use of labels without damaging the product. Cardboard labels are generally not used in logo-printed label threads. In this product, the logo is embroidered on a rope with a plastic apparatus. Plastic accessories can be diversified depending on customer needs.
As Yenel Label, we have been creating perfect designs for our customers in this sector for many years. We make recommendations for the best use and produce without a quantity limit. You can also review the sample products above for plastic clips, plastic label string and logo printed label models. For more detailed information, you can visit our Contact page.