Printed Labels

In the production of printed labels, we use UV, Flexo and Silk Screen Printing techniques on cotton, polyester, nylon, tyvek and satin materials according to the demand of our customers. We produce the labels with 5 colors on the front and 2 colors on the back. The inks we use during printing are suitable for dry cleaning and washing, the writings on the label remain readable after many washing processes. Our labels are also used in Europe’s most famous baby clothing brands at present time.

It is important to care about the details that present it to its users, as well as the value shown to the product. Labels that provide information on all products you produce, such as size and usage instructions, deform quickly if correct printing techniques are not used. In this case, this may cause problems for individuals to prefer the product again. As Yenel Label, we produce print labels using the best technologies with our professional team. Printed label models are not damaged by processes such as washing. They keep their color quality and provide a pleasant use to people. Our company provides the most accurate guidance to all brands at the design steps. In this way, you can have quality printing labels just like your products are.

Printed Label Models

There are different production techniques for printed labels. UV, Flexo and Silk Screen Printing are some of them. You can create unique designs for your products and increase your brand awareness. PRINTED LABEL PRICES are changed depending on the size of the product, the material to be used (cotton, polyester, nylon, tyvek, satin, etc.). As Turkey’s leading and experienced Textile Accessories manufacturer, we serve the world’s most famous American brands with our best and fastest service from our office in the USA.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS LABELS are such a model which are usually found in the interior of textile products and provide special information such as under which conditions the garment should be washed. When these labels are taken into consideration, the clothes are used much longer period of time while maintaining their quality. Textile care label products provide important information to users for ironing, cleaning and washing instructions. People who buy the product use it by taking these instructions into account.

Some products should not be washed in the washing machine. In other hand, some products need to be washed in the machine only at a certain temperature level. When such information is not shared with people, it becomes a problem. All brands that want to market their product in the best way fix their care label designs to the clothing. They are usually sewn into the inner armpit of the clothes. Thus, it is invisible from the outside and the washing instructions can be looked over easily whenever wished.

Printed Labels Products

If you are looking for a professional brand that you can provide a solution partnership for CARE INSTRUCTION LABELS in textile products, you can contact us as Yenel Etiket. We design the best for you with our state-of-the-art machines and design team for printed label production. With our strong references, we offer our designs for washing instruction labels and other label models to many well-established companies. You can create your designs without the limit of quantity and introduce your product to your potential audience in the best way.