Silicone Labels

Silicone Label

Silicone Label can be produced as glossy and matte. It is generally used in swimwear, underwear, shoes, bags and coats. We produce two types of silicone labels as glossy and matte, according to the color demands of our customers. It will be compatible with your products as it is easy to sew. There are no carcinogenic substances on our labels. It can be used in baby and child products without hesitation. If you are looking for a solution that will provide professional printing for silicone label manufacturers, you can contact our team.

Another name of this type of label is RUBBER LABEL. It is oftenly preferred by many sectors with its robust and high quality form. Usually the logo of the brand is printed on it. It is a pretty good brand marketing product. You can also use it to increase the retantion rate of all your products and to keep them in the minds of the potential audience.


Silicone Label Models give comfort to users with their soft structure. It does not itch or deform. Of course, its deformation varies according to the material used. It is resistant to weather conditions, especially as it is preferred in outerwear products. As a long-lasting label, it benefits your marketing activities. Our team brings out the best products for you with special designs to your industry and products. Printing can be provided without a quantity limit. You can take a look at the above pictures to get a review at the label types referred as RUBBER LABEL.

Features of Rubber Silicone Labels

Silicone labels have many advantages over other types of labels. Here are the features of rubber silicone labels:

  1. It can be produced as glossy and matte

Silicone labels can be produced in two different ways which are glossy and matte. In this way, different options can be offered according to the preferences of the customers.

  1. Easy to Sew

The rubber silicone label adapts to the products as it is easy to sew. You can easily get an aesthetic appearance by sewing on your products.

  1. Does Not Contain Carcinogenic Substance

Silicone labels do not contain carcinogenic substances. Therefore, they can be used in baby and child products without hesitation.

Silicono Label Production

Silicone labels are very easy to manufacture. However, it is recommended that they be produced by an expert team to obtain a professional print quality. Silicone labels are an important potentiality, especially for brand marketing. With the right color selection and design, you can increase the memorability of your products. Prices of silicone labels vary according to the size, quality and printing features of the label. It may be necessary to raise your budget slightly for a quality print. However, it should not be forgotten that it is an important investment in long term brand marketing.