Ribbon Label Printing

ribbon label printing for clothing

There are different production techniques for ribbon label printing. You can create printing labels for your brand by using UV, Flexo and Silkscreen printing. At present time, consumers and all companies that serve a product have label requirements. Because labels inform the consumer about the products. Something like how it should be used, which process can be done, and how can be washed etc..Apart from these, logo prints are also made your brand known.You can also create customized designs ribbon label printing that you will choose.

According to the demands, we produce them on cotton, polyester, nylon, tyvek and satin materials by using UV, Flexo and Silkscreen printing techniques. Ribbon labels can be with 5 colors on the front and 2 colors on the back. When choosing a label to represent the product, durability should be first choice. The product should not be damaged when washed. Or it should not compromise on quality. Thus, the user makes more accurate choices in repurchase decisions. As Turkey’s leading and experienced Textile Accessories manufacturer, we provide the best service to the world’s most famous American brands with our office in the USA.

Ribbon label for clothing

Ribbon labels for clothing are among our products that are in high demand. We design the best for you with the latest technology ribbon label maker and our design team. Ribbon labels for clothing are often seen in the inside of textile products. It gives special information such as under which conditions the clothes should be washed. When these labels are treated in accordance, the clothes maintain their quality for a long time.

If you are looking for a professional brand which will be able to provide a solution partnership for ribbon label printing, you can contact us as Yenel Label. The inks we use in the production steps are suitable for dry cleaning and washing. Thus, the writings on the label remain legible even after many washing. You can choose your label model by browsing the categories above. You can contact us for printed label and all other products.