What is Plastic Clip? Where is it used Plastic Clips ?

Plastic clip is a small piece of plastic that helps fast and securely fasten or secure any material. The plastic accessories is very common in daily life use and has a wide range of industrial uses. In this content, you can learn more about what the plastic clip is, how it works, where it is used.

What is Plastic Clip?

The plastic clip is a small piece made of plastic. It helps to assemble and fix many materials. Plastic clips can be produced in different shapes, sizes and colours. Some plastic clips can also act as an adhesive by being joined with double-sided adhesive tapes. As Yenel Label, the types of clips in our product range are not completely plastic. The ends are plastic and the threads are polyester.

How Does the Plastic Clip Work?

Plastic clips are especially used for fixing materials each other. They may have many different shapes, but most consist of two interlocking pieces. When these parts are attached to each other, they prevent the paper product – label from falling.

Plastic clips are in many different types. Some are quick-release clips, the others are such a clips that provide a more permanent attachment. They are also produced in many different shapes and sizes. Below you can find more information about the different types of plastic clips.

Where Are Plastic Clips Used?

Plastic clips are used in many different industries. Listed below are the areas where plastic clips are oftenly used.

Office Materials

Plastic clips are a common accessories which oftenly used on office material. They are used to hold papers, files and documents to each other.

Clothing Industry

In the clothing industry, plastic clips are used to hold tags and prices. They are also preferred to keep the laundry suspended.

Packaging Industry

Plastic clips are also used in the packaging industry. They can be used on pouch and bags used for closing and transporting packages.

Plastic clips are a small but important item used for many different purposes. As they are used in many different industries like office materials and the clothing industry, they are also a frequently preferred product in daily life. By learning more about its different types and uses, you can see how sophisticated plastic clips are. As Yenel Label, we have been producing plastic clips to carry label designs for many years. We know the value of labels in brand marketing activities and we produce products that reflect this in the best way. You can reach us by visiting our contact page. Our expert team will provide you with the most accurate guidance.