Yenel Label Cord Models

Cord models is a durable type of rope that is produced from different materials and is generally used in areas such as tying and product decoration. Cords can be found in different colors, thickness and strength levels. The use of cords is preferred in different sectors and for many purposes in daily life. So where is cord used?

Textile Sector

Cords have a wide range of uses in the textile industry. Cords which are oftenly used in the production of clothing, shoes and accessories, are ideal for labeling, sewing buttons and decorative details.

Packaging Sector

Cords are oftenly preferred for packaging products in the packaging sector. Cords which are especially used to provide an aesthetic appearance to the products, add a stylish touch.

Yenel Label Cord Models and Types

As Yenel Label, we provide professional service to our customers with the cord models that we have been producing. You can examine the cord types with different color options for your needs. You can evaluate transparent, colorful and glossy options and decide on the best product to support your product promotion.

With our fast production capacity, we prepare cords of desired size, color and thickness from polypropylene, polyester and cotton raw materials. We produce them with plastic handles (with clips) or cut (without clips) according to your needs. You can use these products on sweatpants, tracksuits or trousers.

Coloured Cords

Colorful cord models add a vitality and attractiveness to your products. These models that offering a wide range of colors are the best representation of your brand or products. You can choose colored cord  models to attract the attention of customers and highlight your products.

Patterned Cord Models

Patterned cord rope models are ideal for adding a luxurious and stylish air to your products. With its glossy surfaces, it reflects the light and makes your labels stand out.

If you need coiled and cotton cord, you can contact our team. These products will be great importance in increasing your brand image and in your marketing strategies. When each person uses your products, it actually helps promote your brand. For this reason, when choosing cord, you should head for the products that will not cause deterioration as a result of washing processes. If you are doing research for cord  models, we would be happy to offer you professional support.