oeko tex belgesi sertifikası

Ekoteks is a certificate issued for textile products and shows that there is no substance in the product that could harm human health. This internationally valid document references the standards set by OEKO-TEX for textile products.

What is OEKO-TEX?

Ekoteks is the Turkishized name of OEKO-TEX. OEKO-TEX is an independent organization that aims to ensure that companies operating in the textile industry produce harmless, environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. Founded in 1992, OEKO-TEX develops standards for textile products and conducts industry-oriented research, making significant contributions to sustainability.

The full name of OEKO-TEX is “International Research and Testing Association in the Field of Textile Ecology. This union consists of 18 independent research and testing institutes and operates in Europe and Japan. It is served through partner institutes and contact offices in more than 60 countries gives.

OEKO-TEX Validity

STANDARD 100 certificate is valid for 12 months. Therefore, the certificate is renewed annually. The renewal process must be initiated no later than three months before the certificate’s expiration date. Many subcertifications are based on pre-approved components from suppliers.

Any manufacturer or seller of finished products or accessories operating at any stage along the textile chain can apply for STANDARD 100 certification. The OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 criteria catalog contains a set of test parameters and is updated annually. These criteria often go beyond legal requirements and include potentially harmful substances.

Advantages of OEKO-TEX Certificate

OEKO-TEX Certificate stands out because it is valid all over the world. Owing to this document, companies can easily offer their products in international markets. Additionally, conscious consumers prefer certified textile products. This increases the corporate reputation of companies and strengthens their brand image. OEKO-TEX Certificate makes companies stand out by providing a competitive advantage.

Quality in Organic Production: 100% Organic Standards

Organic products are products produced entirely according to organic standards during the production stages. Yenel Label does not contain any chemical additives in its products. In this way, we aim to offer natural and healthy products to our customers.

The main aim of Yenel Label is to produce without harming the natural environment and living creatures. None of our products contain carcinogenic and nickel substances, so we are proud to offer reliable and healthy products to our customers.

Use of Materials Compliant with International Standards

All labels and accessory materials we use comply with international standards and norms. This allows us to provide our customers with globally valid quality and reliability. Our products are tested every year by private companies and are produced in accordance with health. In this way, our customers can choose Yenel Label products with peace of mind. All of our packaging packages have a recycling logo. As Yenel Label, we show our environmental awareness not only in production but also in packaging processes.