Hang Tag

Hangtag are generally used to give the customer information about price, size, and create the first positive image. With our strong graphic design team, we produce the desired designs in various sizes, colors, thickness, and shape with UV, Offset, Digital and Serigraphy techniques. On request from our customers, we use lacquer and varnish to enhance logos with brightness or embossed. Also, we can produce cardboard labels with recycled and organic papers. We provide fast and trouble-free service with our state-of-the-art machinery.The product variety for cardboard labels is very vast. According to customer needs, products such as threaded cardboard labels and Kraft labels are also among the hang tag models produced by Yenel Label. Labels that convey customized information about products to customers, significantly affect purchase rates.

Labels placed on the products give the customer many details. Since the paper, size, design, colors and writing style of the hang tag you prefer represent your brand, it is necessary to use customized options. Our state-of-the-art Yenel Label machines provide professional service to customers in this area. You can design the label that will best express your product with our design team without any quantity limit. Thus, you can increase your awareness rates by highlighting your brand.

Hang tag models

Size changes can be made for product ranges for hang tag models. For example, the label for your sweater will not be the same size as the label that will be created for purses or socks. Therefore, the same design must be sized. Our expert design team provides the most accurate guidance to all our customers in this regard.

In addition to chromo cardboard, it is possible to print on fancy, gilded and coated cardboards. If you want to use organic or recycled products, you may choose Kraft quality products. However, if you need flashy and colored designs, you can look at our glossy labels.

Cardboard labels are usually applied with a plastic awn or thread on or inside the textile products sold to the end user. For this, it is necessary to use a hang tag with a drawstring. It is also called wobbling hang tag. We know that you carefully plan all details that represent your brand. For this, we produce solutions with our printing machines of latest technology. As Yenel Label, we are proud to be the leading brand that has been shaping the sector for years. We review all little details for design and printing, and provide worldwide shipping without any quantity limit. Please visit our contact page to produce the best for your brand and create hang tag designs with a professional team.